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Members in ArtFire Collections

While our Native American Forum Team is an Etsy team, many of our members also sell on Art Fire. Several are featured in this Art Fire Collection curated by cleasbeadwork. Cleasbeadwork also has an Etsy store. Her name is Cynthia Nemeth and she is a member of our team on Etsy.


Cynthia is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She says, “I am a homemaker and mother of four, I learned beadwork from my grandmother and passed this tradition on to my children. I started selling my beaded creations to help make ends meet. I love to create designs that are patterned after nature and native traditions that came from my grandmother, my favorites are Beaded Butterflies and Butterfly Fairies. I love to mix materials to create one of a kind pieces and to create collections such as Butterflies. I love to create custom pieces. Both of my Grandmothers taught me to stay true to my style of art.
Here is an example of Cynthia’s work:

One Tribal Dream catcher Earring Ear Wrap with Nacozari Turquoise in The Native Inspired Tribal Boho Hippi Hipster Style

To purchase this beautiful earring cuff or to see more of her work, please go to:
Thanks Cynthia for promoting our work on ArtFire!


Etsy Team Treasury by Sage Healer

Sage Healer (Sandy) is a long time member of our Native American Forum Team.  Yesterday she put together this wonderful Team Treasury to Honor Our Bird Spirit Teachers and members of our team.


  You can view this Treasury and all of comments by going to:

Walking The Red Road Treasury by Pat Reeves

This morning I discovered that one of our team members had created a wonderful Treasury on Etsy featuring the work of many of our members. 

Pat entitled her Treasury “Walking The Red Road”

I have been a long time admirer of Pat’s work.  Here is one of her pieces that taunted me until I finally had to make it mine….all mine!
Beaded Sea Turtle Brooch with Tigereye and Ruby Zoisite

Pat is from Springdale, Arkansas.  She is a very talented bead and gourd artist.  Here is another example of her work:
Peacock and Lizard Beadwork Brooch

To purchase this item or view more of Pat’s work, please go to:

Pat, Wado for the treasury and for being a valued member of our Etsy Team!   

Valentine Treasury By Sage Healer

Our gusdi, Sage Healer, did an Etsy Treasury with all of the features coming from the digusdi on our thread. 

Thank you Sage for promoting us!


To see or purchase the wonderful work of Sage Healer (Sandy), go to:

Etsy Treasury: Phase 3 of For Artists Exposed


The final phase of our For Artists Exposed Treasuries is live! 

I want to thank all who participated for sharing your smiling faces with us and the Etsy community at large. 
Vicki Diane of Vicki Diane Designs was so kind to not only do the original treasury but to patiently up date it three times during our National Native American Heritage Month celebration.

This is especially generous of her since doesn’t even live in America but has become our close ally during the course of this event. 

Vicki is a special lady (or should I say diva?) and a very talented jewelry designer.  If you haven’t visited her Etsy store, you have missed a great opportunity to ooooh and aaaah!  Here is an example of her recent work:

To purchase these earrings or to see more of Vicki’s work, please go to:

Vicki, one of our “regulars”, Native Beads, shared this Irish Blessing with us once upon a time.
Your Native American Friends extend this Irish Blessing To you, an International Lady, whom we will call our gusdi (cousin).
May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

We love you Vicki!


For Artist Exposed National Native American Month





As a part of our National Native American Heritage Month, Vicki Diane of Vicki Diane Designs curated an Etsy Treasury featuring many of our disgusdi (cousins).



No one is more selfless and dedicated to promoting Etsy Artists than Vicki. She is a Diva with a huge heart and a great talent! Vicki lives in Spain and in the U.K. While I would assume that her exposure to Native Americans is probably not vast, she is definitely Native in Spirit and I am proud to call icki y riend.


No that it isn’t a typo. It is Vicki/Joni language.  Many moons ago when we were convo’ing one another, a typo was made. It was very funny and since then we have had our own language. It is not as complicated as Tsalagi (Cherokee), it is merely the dropping of the first letter of the word. We have had month’s of fun with it.

While we show Pride In Our Heritage, Honor Our Ancestors, we must also give Thanks for the work that Vicki has done to give faces to our community as we celebrate this November.  

Vicki describes her store as her colourful little shop full of FUNIQUE, bold, vibrant and completely one of treasures !  

She says, “I’m in LOVE with life , colour, music and art. If it stands still long enough – I will decorate, adorn, embellish and kiss it* ! I do many fashion shows here on the Costa del Sol matching jewelry and accessories to the model’s frocks . I love a challenge ! CHALLENGE ME !!!!
(I dare you !! )”

Here is a sample of her work:

To purchase this item or to see more of her amazing work, please go to

Please note that she is promoting this treasury in her shop announcement…..go there and scroll down the read more.

icki, e ove ou!
XXX 000 








Native American Forum Thread Treasury by BackYardNature


You have to agree that this wonderful treasury truly defines the scope of Native American Arts and Crafts!
Back Yard Nature (Jane) has honored all of us by taking her time to create this collection of our digusdi work.
From tiny beads, to the use of nature’s bounty of wood, stone, silver, to the potter’s hand, the artist’s paint,
to the digital age and the photo lens and even the simple egg made wonderful by these creative artists.

What a tribute!

Back Yard Nature has been a supporter of our Native American Forum Thread off and on throughout
all of our Chapters.  She says, “I love living out in the woods where there are more animals than people.
One day I thought it was time I documented as many of my nature moments as possible. Let’s face it, I’m not
getting any younger and memories have a habit of fading.
We’ve worked hard developing our little wildlife sanctuary and photography is the best way to share those encounters.   For years, I’ve been sharing my photos with friends and family. Now it’s time to enlarge that circle and invite you to see just what goes on in my backyard.  

She quotes Michel de Montaigne….
“Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do.”

Jane, we think you understand nature’s business very well.  Here is an example that proves it.
Thank You....five card assortment

To purchase these cards from Jane or to see more of her work, please go to

Wado Jane for this wonderful treasury!