Without much notice our previous blog site has been discontinued.  However, I spent a good portion of this day learning, downloading, uploading (and perhaps cursing) to retrieve all of the posts and getting them here.  I think they are all front and center! 

The blog was originally started prior to our being an official Etsy Team.  Its main purpose was to capture the Wednesday Night Story Hour as we had no other way to do it.  Thus you were guaranteed at least one blog post per week.  With our migration to becoming a team, we were able to capture the Wednesday Night Story Hour right on our team discussions site and store them there.  As a result, posts have been random and/or not at all.

For the older members of the team, there are nostalgic posts in our archives.  Several of our original team are with us only in spirit now and some have left the team…but their essence remains in some of the posts. 

I would like to encourage all of members to help me better utilize this space.  Write a blog feature and send it to me at naforum22@aol.com .  I will be happy to publish it here. 


AKA jstinson, Team Captain

Let me know what you think about the format and design.  I had to select from a limited variety of the “free” options for the style.  But if you don’t like it, let me know why and I’ll see what I can do about it.