I received this wonderful photo of our digusdi, Native Beads, Soulful Stuff and their respective spouses this morning and had to share it with all of you.  It is always exciting to see the results of “meet ups” of our team members. 


Here is what Theresa had to say about their visit:


“This is a little momento of my visit with Karynlee (Soulful Stuff) this morning for breakfast. This is a picture with our husbands and her son was taking the picture. They are heading into the hurricane zone but wanted to get out of the mountains first and foremost. I pray for their safe travels. She will probably be able to provide more photos later. We had a great time and chatted up a storm. She is such a nice person and was very happy to meet her.




Soul, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as are all of our digusdi in the path of Sandy.   That is one meet up that we hope no one has!  Be safe!


Meet ups and sharing photographs are terrific!  If you have photos (meet up or not) that you would like to share, just e-mail them to me.  I will be happy to add them to our blog.