The New Fab Five   Many of you may remember that Patrick and I attended The Gathering (world’s largest Pow Wow) in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2010.  We met up with several of our Etsy friends at the Beaded Iris and El Pinto Restaurant .  Here are a couple of photos from that memorable trip.


Left to Right:  Joni Stinson, Brie Chavez, Juanita Berg, Carmen Sena-Todd, Theresa Geary  


At El Pinto:  Left to Right:  Cloudburst (Juanita), Joni, Brie  


Left to Right, Joni, Juanita, Brie, Brie’s daughter, Stacey  

The Original Fab Five

We were dubbed by members of the Native American Forum Team on Etsy as the Fab Five as a result of this meet up. 


Time marches on and circumstances change. 


Native Beads (Theresa Geary) has moved to North Carolina. 

We lost our dear sister,  Brie Chavez in March this year. 

For The Brand (Carmen Sena-Todd) was apparently unable to join us.  


As one might expect, we had a marvelous time together on that day in 2010, and  I will always cherish the memories of that perfect day when we had the opportunity to be together.


The New Fab Five

Patrick, Joni, Juanita, Daniel, Jennifer


As I said, time marches on and circumstances change. 

Cloudburst (Juanita Bergs), her husband, Daniel, her daughter, Jennifer, Patrick and I carried out our  annual tradition and drove to Albuquerque for dinner at  El Pinto after the closing of Indian Market in Santa Fe on Sunday evening.   We invited Brie’s daughter, Stacy, and son, Seth, to join us but unfortunately they did not get the message until the following day. 


Thus the number remained the same, but the faces are a little different.  


Cloud reported a successful Indian Market show, we had a delicious dinner and an most enjoyable visit. 


I can’s wait for the next Gathering of Fab (number to be announced)  in 2013….only 362 days to go!