Last Saturday, April 14, 2012, Night Owl Market (Stephanie), one of our team mates vended at the Creighton University Pow Wow in Omaha, Nebraska. Her booth was just to left of ours so we had opportunities to visit. 

Night Owl Market, known on the Forum thread as NOM, creates wonderful items from Pendelton wool. She has had her Etsy store since Christmas day of 2008.  NOM vends at regional pow wows, has several wholesale customers who sell her products, and does custom orders for individuals. 

NOM’s beautifully made products range from small pouches to magnificent coats.  I took these shots to demonstrate the various categories in her product line as well as showing you her beautiful face. 






During the Pow Wow, we came under a tornado warning and had to prepare for evacuation from the arena to a safe place.  Just as NOM, Patrick and I got our product covered and were ready to evacuate, it was canceled.  It is good that we were not harmed and didn’t have to leave our products unattended.  However, the warning did cause many to leave the Pow Wow and the weather decreased the usual number in attendance. 

But had we been as busy as usual, we would not have had time for this photographic session or to spend as much time chatting with one another. 

Here is my son, Patrick with NOM


In this shot of NOM and me, you can also see her perfect Pendelton purses. 



NOM’s husband, Wendel Brings Plenty, helps her with her booth.  But he is camera shy and managed to avoid my attempts to capture his likeness (or maybe his spirit).  While I was out of the arena, Wendel sang.  Patrick reported that he is terrific.  I was sorry to have missed his performance.

Despite the low attendance and the terrible weather, we had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones, and listening to the beat of the drum.

Even though you missed the Pow Wow, you still have an opportunity to purchase NOM products.  Just go to:

NOM….it is great having you as a team mate on Etsy and a friend in real life!