I am woefully behind in posting the wonderful stories told by members of our team.  I deeply apologize to Soulful Stuff, leader in charge of Story Hour, to our wonderful volunteer story tellers and our digusdi who attend these events.  I will make every effort to catch up in the next few days as these events are so wonderful and deserve to be re-told here.

Soulful Stuff opened the March 7 event with a prayer and introduction of Deanna…Raptor Ridge.

Tonight our storyteller is Deanna from RaptorRidge Originals.
She is a sweet, loving and compassionate person whose creations communicate a deep connection with the beauty and love of Creator.

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Deanna says….

This is what was put in my heart to share this week:

The fire dances in my woodstove; outside my window the bluebirds are fixing their new home. I am pondering the theme of weaving a web. I feel like it’s important to me, like something needs to be expressed, like a thought just out of reach. Heartwood says to me “just don’t think about it.” This is a good trick to lure ideas into crossing the threshold.

What shall I do while I don’t think about it?

I decide to sit with the medicine wheel for a time, then go back to glance out my window. I do a happy dance; those bluebirds are just so busy. I decide to pull out the thread and willow, and sit and weave a dreamcatcher.

As I am weaving, my thoughts are about circles, and what they mean to me. At one time, weaving the web to me meant ritual circles. Whether casting a circle in the woods, sharing a picnic with my circle sisters, or attending a sacred gathering. Each hug, meal shared, and drumbeat echoing through the trees wrapped us in silken threads, joining one to the other.

Then the wheel turned. Circles floated off to the four winds like cottonwood seeds, and I found myself choosing a more solitary path. At first the joy of settling onto this new land we are caretakers of consumed me. I didn’t look back; I just stayed focused on what was in front of me. I gather the plant people, and the fruit they bear, enough to sustain us for the year.

Emma, (our four legged golden retriever) came into our life unexpected. Someone dropped her off (another story). I take care of my good neighbor, Floyd. We buy our eggs from a farmer down the road, and we are contemplating raising some goats, sometimes we do a craft show, I interact with most of you, and I could go on and on.

What I’m getting to is; I’ve come to realize this: the web is all of creation.

All that we do and are weaves the web in countless ways. Even a solitary ritual spins a thread between Creator and me. Every breath we inhale or exhale entwines us with our world.

So, for me, this is the lesson; we are not alone. Imagine, right now, how many of us are reading this? If you close your eyes, and imagine…all ages, all walks of life, all reading these words; can you feel just a breath of warmth all of us share in this moment, this intent? Whisper to them, something loving, encouraging, or maybe you need to share a sadness, a doubt. You may be alone in the room, but you are not alone. The web is spinning.

The web embraces all that is alive, or has lived, including Earth Mother herself, and all that we do and are weaves the web.
Something just brushed past me, I’ve come to realize the thought that has played hide and seek with me today.

My dreamcatcher is finished, the bluebirds are in their new home, and the fire is burning brighter now that the sun is going down, and I listen…We are all the weavers; we are all the web, whether we dance to primal drumbeats, cast circles in the dark or celebrate in churches, live in the country or in the city or have no home at all, or whether we are rich or poor, or whether our skin is a different color, we are the weavers of the web. You touch me as I touch you and together we keep weaving this magical web…

Following that inciteful story, Raptor Ridge shared this story that was shared with her by her Elder – Sundog (Shawnee)

Two young warriors, Standing Bear, and Badger, went out to hunt for the people of their tribe. They walked, and walked, and could find no animals. They both found themselves in the desert, and very, very thirsty. They both saw some sand that was damp, and started to dig a hole.

Pretty soon the whole was big enough and water was starting to fill the hole. Standing Bear and Badger heard a funny noise behind them. They turned around to look, and saw a dragonfly lying on the ground, full of mud. Standing Bear said “OH no, we have thrown mud all over the dragonfly, and he cannot move.”

Since, both Standing Bear and Badger were taught to treat everything with reverence and respect, Standing Bear picked up the dragonfly very carefully, and Badger began to brush the sand of his wings. The dragonfly flew off, and they turned around to check the water.

The dragonfly was fluttering in front of them. Dragonfly said,” Since you took the time to save my life, I will grant you one wish.” “Make sure it’s a good wish because you will only get one.” Standing Bear and Badger pondered on this for a while, then Standing Bear exclaimed; I got it, I have my wish, I wish to be the smartest man in the whole world!

Dragonfly said if that is your wish then it shall be. Standing Bear was just gleaming, because he was so smart. Badger then figured out his wish. He said:

Dragonfly, I want to be smarter, than the smartest man. Dragonfly said if that is your wish then it shall be. Badger then became a woman, and off the Dragonfly flew…

Love it!

One of the Story Hour first time attendees was Anna Brusa from Florida.  Her store contains many pieces of lovely jewelry and photograpy.  Here are a few examples:
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I am sure that Anna and all of those in attendance enjoyed the stories, discussion and fellowship.

Wado Deanna, Soulful Stuff, Anna and all others who attended…..