One of our members, Sheila Canada, attended Denver March this past weekend.  For those who are not aware, Denver March, held in Denver, Colorado annually in March, is second only to the Gathering of Nations when it comes to Pow Wow participation.   I have always wanted to attend but never have had the chance….maybe in March 2013!   In the meanwhile, Sheila has shared a couple of shots taken by a pool photographer at the event.  Sheila relates that she follows the tradition of not taking photos of participants without both the permission and gifting of the subject for their willingness.   


Denver March 38th Pow Wow Celebration


Each session of the Denver March Pow Wow begins with a Grand Entry. The processional begins with the Heart Beat drum group carrying their drum and singing the Committee’s song, “A Living Hoop”. Following them is an Eagle Staff, the American flags, Indian Nation flags, and any other flags that are being displayed (e.g., the Pow-MIA flag, a state flag, the Pow Wow’s own flag, etc) lead the way in the dance arena, followed in order by: the Denver March Pow Wow Princess, other visiting royalty, Golden Age Men, Senior Men, Men’s Northern Traditional, Southern Straight, Men’s Fancy, and Men’s Grass followed by the Women, Teens, Juniors, and Tiny Tots. Once everyone is in the dance arena and with the spectators still standing, the flags are raised to the accompaniment of a flag song. This is followed by a veterans’ honoring song – the Victory Dance. There two Grand Entries on Friday and Saturday and one on Sunday. There is often a scheduled meal break between the end of one session and the next Grand Entry.


Sheila lives in Arvada, Colorado.  While Sheila is currently not selling items on Etsy, her profile indicates that she either will be or should be!


Sheila’s philosophy includes, “A person’s identity springs from his or her relationships with the Earth, animals, people, and the Creator.”

She is a fabric artist using techniques of applique, felting, beading, embroidery & crossstitch. Most of my work incorporates Native American, Indegenous & tribal designs inspired by ancestry, dreamwork & my Spiritual practice.


She states:
I am a 37 year old hard working Mother of 3 sons & loving Mate to my Husband of 18 years.
I love to have my fingers deep in the dirt planting herbs and flowers.

I also love to be in my boots hiking along a forested Path.
I enjoy working on my Native American inspired Art.
I am deeply connected to my Ancestral roots & let them guide me on my life path.

Sheila’s heritage includes Potawatomi – Cherokee – Scottish – Welsh – Dane.


We are pleased to have Sheila as a member of our team and thank her for sharing the Denver March experience with us.


If you attend Pow Wow or related events and would like to share photos with our group, please contact me.