First Place:  Dr. Theresa Geary AKA Native Beads

Our team had a Challenge starting in the fall of 2011 and ending this month.  The “theme” was Kokopelli.  Members were free to develop the theme in any manner of their choosing.  A panel of 6 judges was selected to peer review and select the winners of this Challenge.

Native Beads was selected as our First Place winner with this beautiful rendition of gourd art. 
Native Beads

Comments from the judges include:
 This gourd is such a beautiful, and spiritual piece. It would be an honor to own it
 I picked Native Beads as #1 on the added basis of description ~ giving plenty of ‘story’ about Kokopelli as well as so much ‘content’ relating to the theme.
 Theresa’s Kokopelli is such a gorgeous creation! I think she has portrayed him as so many of us picture him–all decked out in beautiful attire, carrying his bag of goods to trade. Her use of so many traded items to create him was a wonderful way to show what he represents, and her use of gourds to create the body was a perfect way to show how he represents agriculture.
 She put lots of emotion into the piece and great attention to detail. A work of art that tells a tale.

To see more of her work, please go to www.nativebeads.etsy.com
They did a wonderful job and a debt of gratitude is owed to them.  It could be partially paid by visiting their stores, hearting the items you like, adding them to your Circles and/or even making a purchase.

The Second Place Winner was JPG Studio.  Here is her entry and comments:
Kokopelli Challenge Piece JPG Studio
Judges Comments:
  • that art quilt is amazing.
  • I used to make pieces like this and appreciate that “painting” with fabrics is challenging – this creation took a lot of planning and effort and the design, colors, and proportions are excellent. Love the details of the beads and that the artist even took time to hand make a unique frame to mount it. Awesome, I’d love to buy it myself!
  • Jami’s work is beautiful! The way she puts together strips of material to create pictures is just amazing! She did not even know about the challenge until about a week before the deadline. Her depiction of Kokopelli shows him with the sun and water, with a pueblo in the background. The Southwest is where he is predominantly portrayed. The sun and water are two givers of life. The spirals on his body are a representation of life. I think she has done a wonderful job portraying what Kokopelli represents.
To see more of her work, please go to www.jpgstudio.etsy.com

The Third Place Winner is LaBella Terra.  Here is her entry and comments:
Kokopelli Challenge: La Bella Terra

Judges Comments:
  • her gourd is whimsical & exudes joy.

  • As soon as I saw this I loved it! Sometimes less is more – it’s very simple, but so elegant. To me it seems to have life, and both an ancient and modern feel to it. The colors are rich, the symbols are intriguing and I love the head feathers with the dots of turquoise!
To see more of her work, please go to www.labellaterra.etsy.com
Honorable Mention is also given to the following entrants for having scored Judges points.  These are not in any particular order of finish. 

Kokopelli Challenge Piece by Sweet Grass Valley
Sweet Grass Valley  www.sweetgrassvalley.etsy.com
Kokopelli Challenge Piece by Beadlady61

Lyndel's Kokopelli Pieces

Elew's Kokopelli Challenge Piece

Thanks to all who entered and to all who have read this blog.  Our Challenges are great fun and beautiful items are created through them 

Our Leader Kicking Bear is responsible for selecting our themes.  He has just announced the theme for our Spring/Summer 2012 Challenge.
It is “Nazca Lines”.  This will be exciting and we will keep you posted on the event.