Soulful Stuff opened our Wednesday Night Campfire Story with this tribute to our Story Teller for the evening:

Tonight’s storyteller is Grannie Girt who delights us with her wonderful sense of humor, lightheartedness and generosity. Grannie is sure to inspire a laugh even in the tough times….A wonderful jeweler and creator of beautifully crocheted necklaces, ornaments and all sorts of goodies….Granniegirt and Granniesprettys are two shops to enjoy visiting!

Here are some of my favorites….know you will find some too….
Crochet Irish Rose and Pearl Necklace

Large Crochet Easter Egg With Bunny

So, come join the campfire….place some tsola in your pipe…and listen… is an osda night for sharing wisdom…..The owl will join us……Share some frybread. strawberries for forgiveness, and a bottomless cup of steaming hot kawi….

Soul opened the Gathering with a prayer by KB (Kicking Bear.)

Relax…let us quiet ourselves and come together in heart and mind…..
let us re-member those who cannot be with us tonight as well as those present….let is open our hearts to the peace that can be…and accept the peace that will be….Let us celebrate the connections here….

KB’s prayer seems especially appropriate tonight as we ask for peace….hearts that forgive…stillness that communicates and heals…

O Great Spirit
Thank you for the spirit of the wind,
It stirs our spirit and sends messages to our hearts.
We thank you for the spirit of mother Earth,
As we listen to the drum beat,
We hear the heart beat that gives life.

O Great Spirit
We thank you for the ancestors and the teachings,
That guide our way of life here on Mother Earth.
We will forever hold sacred the pipe of peace,
And we will share the tobacco for prayer,
As we give thanks to the elders and the ancient fire.

O Great Spirit
We give thanks in the way of the red clay people and
We walk in harmony and balance with love, one for
The other.
It is all good

Grannie Girt began her story thusly:

This is a story about patience ………

This story is about my Daddy and Me………………….

I was a daddy’s girl and still am even after his death.. the story I Am going to tell is a lesson he taught me many years ago, and still trying to learn…..

See I went everywhere with my Dad, if he went hunting I went, if he went fishing I went.When he was working on his truck I was right there…

We would go walking into the woods and dad would show me plants and tell me what was safe to eat or what plant that you can put on a cut or scrap stuff like that. He would do this every time we were in the woods. and Of course i would listen but not really because I thought I knew it already….

Daddy taught me how to fish with just a line and hook , He told me he wanted me to know how to feed my self if for some reason I got lost in the woods…

Daddy taught the right way to go mushroom hunting in the spring and where to look and what to look for because he didn’t want me to get sick off the wrong kind.

Daddy taught me how to use a gun and hunt for food and that you only hunt for what you need and no more. and you don’t just shoot a animal for the fun of it.

well the year I was 13 Daddy gave me a new 410 shot gun for christmas and boy was I ready to go into the woods … we went to the woods but before we went in dad made me hand him all my shot gun shells and open my gun and told me I had to carry my gun and that was all I was allowed to do. I thought of he wants to take me some where in the woods to find a good spot to practice shooting WRONGGGGGGGGGG again I thought I knew it all….

Dad had me set up Practice targets while still carrying my open gun because i was told I could not lay it down. so i set up the targets and watch dad shoot his gun time after time… I was not allowed to yet. I was to stand there and watch him while still holding my open gun…

Then dad made me go pick up all his empty shells because you never leave a mess in the woods, Because we are to protect mother earth any way we can, Sill I thought I know this dad you have told me this many many times (( Miss Know it all ))

Then Dad made me walk around the woods and look up and look down and all around me and tell him what I saw. and of course being a smart mouth I said I see trees and rocks and squirrel nest and plants so on and so on and he said is that all you see…

So he made me walk around some more still not putting the gun down and keep looking around me.. BY now i was getting really upset and was ready to go home.. and dad could see this.. so after a little while dad stood there smiling at me and said come over here and have a seat on this log and lets talk.

Now i was able to lay my gun which by now felt like 100 pounds by now down. then he started talking to me

He said sis i did this for a reason,

I made you carry YOUR gun because I wanted you to know that you and only you are in charge of your gun and you need to have respect for it. and it can kill not only animals but people to.and you need to have patience lots of patience.

I made you pick up the shells to remind you that you always clean up your mess and never leave trash around whether it be shells of paper.

I made you look around the woods because I wanted you to know your surroundings so if you ever get lost or turned around you would find your way back out, Because no tree looks the same, each have their own markings. No rock or stone looks the same. Each Squirrel nest is different this is what I was trying to teach you. I wanted you to look and see the difference of each plant and tree to help you.

after I sat on the log and thought of what dad was saying to me I smiled back at him and understood that i am not always right and i need to listen and listen by not talking while he talked because he was teaching me a great lesson.

So dad gave me back my shells and we both practice shooting and laughing and talking

I have not forgot that reason that dad tried to teach me.. I wish more then anything that i would have listen more what he tried to teach me and more then anything I wish I wouldn’t have thought I was a know it all.

so when it comes time for me to hand over the 410 to Scooter bear I will give him the same reason dad gave me.

The end……

Thunder Rose of Thunder Rose Leather was an attendee at this story hour.  ThunderRose is a frequent contributor to our Face Book  Group as well as our chat thread.  Following the story, she wrote, “What an awesome story grannie. Your dad sounds like a very wise man.  Beautiful prayer Soul…….. “

Here is an example of Thunder Rose’s work.  Aren’t these special?


To see more of her work, please go to:

To see the work of our Story Teller, Grannie Girt, please go to:

Thank you Soul for your direction of this event and to Grannie Girt for a great story!