Each Wednesday night at 7:00 EST our Native American Forum Team has Story Hour.  Soulful Stuff is our leader in charge of our Story Hour.  She does an amazing job but far too often is left to pick up the slack when other members fail to come forth with a story. 

I sometimes think it is purposeful as Soulful is such a great story teller that we look forward to what she shares.  Last night was one of those nights. 

Through the fire---8 x 10 matted image

Karynlee Berstecher is Soulful Stuff.  This is for sale on Etsy and is described as:

Fire refines and purifies. Sometimes, we must walk through the fire to reach the peace we seek.

And the fire we must walk through is through the journey to the fire within.

This image speaks to that journey. Perhaps, this image will inspire you on your journey.

And here is her story:

Imagine holding hands with another….envision the fire and the circle around it…points of light…each of us together as one….see the points growing and connecting…feel the energy flowing through each point….see the dots become one line…one whole…connected….we are one…and the light we share illuminates…and where there is light, can be no darkness.

Tonight, the story is a bit different…a bit unexpected…..but, in prayer, seemed to be the story that stepped forward…the story that heals and soothes. My prayer is that those hearing will know the power of the truth it shares…..

Arrow to the Sun…a Pueblo story….

Who are we truly…and what is our path? What is the pain we feel in our hearts…the ache…..and are we listening? For therein lies our truth…..

Long, long ago, Creator sent a spark of life to earth. Straight and true it traveled down the rays of the sun, through the heavens, and it came to the pueblo. The point of light touched the heart of a young maiden in that house. She welcomed the light and nurtured it. In time, the light grew and became The Boy. And so it was that this special boy came into the world of men.

The Boy was bright, compassionate, and inquisitive and grew strong in this place. Though the maiden nurtured him well, the other boys teased him saying, “Where is your father?” The maiden continued to nurture the Boy and love him deeply. But the pain of being excluded from the games of the others and the teasing wounded the Boy’s spirit

Mother,” Boy said to the maiden, “it is time for me to search for my father. I must find him.”

Sadly, and with great trepidation, knowing this day would come, the maiden prepared some food for the journey and hugged her son deeply. With his heart aching, the Boy kissed his mother tenderly and set off on his journey.

After a time of traveling through the winding world of men, the Boy came upon a Corn Planter. “Do you know my father?” the Boy asked gently. The Corn Planter said nothing and continued to tend his seed. Sadly, the Boy walked on.

In time, the Boy saw a Potter. With hope in his heart, the Boy asked kindly, “Do you know my father?” The Potter said nothing, and continued to focus on the details of the pot he was creating. Sadly, the Boy walked on.

Finally, after walking a very long way, the Boy noticed the Arrow Maker who he knew was a very wise man. With all the strength he could muster, Boy summoned the courage to ask, “Do you know my father?” The Boy stood tall with eyes and heart wide opened. Being a very wise man, the Arrow Maker did not answer directly but realized the Boy had come from the Sun. And so it was, that the Arrow Maker created a very special arrow. Upon seeing the arrow, the Boy knew…..and he BECAME the arrow.

With a breath so deep, the Boy took his place in the bow of the Arrow Maker. With deep prayer, the Arrow Maker drew back the bow, sloooooowly and very carefully with purpose and intent….then released…..

The Boy flew into the heavens with such speed and grace……he flew and flew the clouds….past the stars….all the way to the sun.

When the Boy landed in this place of great light, he was moved with great emotion and stood before Creator saying, “Father, it is I! It is your Son!”

Creator, seeing the Boy, replied, “Perhaps you are my Son….and then again, you may be only pretending. Therefore, you must prove yourself in a way that only my Son could do.
You must pass the four chambers of ceremony—the Kiva of Lions, the Kiva of Serpents, the Kiva of Bees and the Kiva of Lightning.”

The Boy stood before Creator with steadfast assurance. “I will endure any trial, Father. I am your Son.”

And so the Boy entered the Kiva of Lions testing his wisdom and strength, and he fought bravely until the Lions were overcome.

The Boy entered the Kiva of Serpents who sneakily surrounded him and attempted to squeeze the breath out of him, but these too he overcame.

The Boy entered the Kiva of Bees, with thousands of sword-stingers aiming to disable him, but these too he overcame.

With honey on his lips, the Boy entered the Kiva of Lightening and absorbed all the energy, transformed the negativity…..and in doing so, he himself was transformed.

The Boy was filled with the Power of the Sun.

The Father and his son rejoiced and celebrated the goodness and blessing of his achievement.

Amidst all the celebrating, Creator looked into the eyes of his Son and said, “Now, my son, is yet another task…..bring my spirit into the world of men…touch their hearts with many points of light and invite them to be transformed…to truly know me.”

And so, the Boy became the arrow once again, and once again returned to earth. The Boy returned to the Pueblo and gathered the People…and all were touched….all felt the warmth of light….and all remembered the Creator’s goodness…and the beauty of the journey in the Dance of Life….still danced today.

Each of us is touched with a point of light….wounded by not knowing—not re-membering— and invited to walk the path of unknowing until we too are filled and transformed. The secret of unknowing is to know truly one thing….that we were created with love and purpose….all points of light for a greater good. It is in the discovery that we are transformed…..in the work of overcoming….in the odds against us…that we re-member the point of light…the arrow to our core….and in that wound of the arrow, we discover truth….and when we do, we can dance the dance and invite others to join the dance….and celebrate Life…the movement of light and love. So, do not despair when a thousand swords ping you or the world takes bites of your flesh…or negativity zaps your strength….know then who you truly are….know your greatest strength lies in the wound, the hurt, the pain….and receive the gift with honor and courage….for you were meant to dance…you were called to be transformed…and the strength for the journey is alive in the hearts of those who believe.

I pray that these stories illuminate your heart, lift your soul and direct you to the awareness of the power of your own light….and the way you touch others….every touch counts…every point illuminates…and it is all good!

Aho….tohidv digusdi….dance!

Earthy turquoise nugget copper red sponge coral bracelet
Bracelet by Soulful Stuff

Soulful Stuff, we all know that you dance!  And you make beautiful jewelry, quilts and

photographic art as well.

Wado for your sacrifices of time and energy to make Story Hour so special. 


If you would like to see more of Soulful’s wonderful work, please go to:

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