There is nothing more fun than to “meet up” with members of our Tribe In A Box!

Last year, 5 of us  (Cloudburst, Native Beads, Brie, For The Brand, and I) met in April in Albuquerque.
We had a wonderful time together and became known on the thread as the “Fab Five”.

This year, Carmen (For the Brand0 met up with Ron (One Egg Man) and our Campfire pet, Takoda, while on a trip to see her new Grandson, Little Bean.  She sent me these photos of them. 

When my son, Patrick, and I attended Indian Market in Santa Fe, we got to meet up with Cloudburst (Anita) and her husband Daniel.  They were vending during Indian Market and we got to watch them action.  I wrote a piece about their vending on my blog.  If you missed it and would like to read it, you can do so here:

We met for dinner in Albuquerque at El Pintos.  We had been there the last time we were in the area and couldn’t wait to return.  We had hoped that all of the Fab Five could join us there.  But that wasn’t in the cards this trip. 

During dinner, Daniel presented Cloudburst with a gift.  It is that wonderful ring on her index finger.  He had purchased this in secret for her from a vendor near their booth.  The rest of the jewelry was a part of her own collection.  We enjoyed being a part of this gifting. 

We bid our fond farewells and hope that we can all get together for a meet up again soon.

Now if you have a keen eye and noticed that the shirt Daniel is wearing in each photo are different….you may be wondering why he would have changed at the restaurant.  It is because they were caught in a down pour of rain while packing up in Santa Fe. 

During the drive to El Pinto, Cloudburst was able to dry out….but Daniel, poor thing was driving, and still soaked upon arrival. 
Patrick had a few extra shirts that he had purchased for gifts…..he gifted Daniel with a dry one. 

Meet ups are great fun.  It would be wonderful if we could have a “Tribe In The Box” Convention…..but we will have to settle on those small Gatherings that are such wonderful experiences.