Keeper of the Wolves - Hand Carved Rhea Egg

Our gusdi, Ron AKA 1 Eggman, put this beautiful prayer on our thread this morning.  It is just too beautiful not to capture here for safe keeping.  Bless you Ron for this blessing!

Oh Great Spirit, Creator of all things
Watch over me as I continue my journey through life, here on the Red Road

Open my eyes so I see all the beauty that surrounds me, the beauty of nature, the tall people, winged ones finned and four legged

Open my ears so I hear all the wonderful sounds that surround me, the sunalei songs of the winged ones, the gentle sound of the wind rustling the leaves of the tall people, the hum of the Hummingbirds wings

Help me to control the flow of words from my lips so what I utter will not hurt anyone or anything, let me hear and analyze what I hear before responding and make my answers be words of joy and not those that would cause tears

Help me to understand that you have placed all here on Mother Earth for a reason, that all are walking the same path and that we must all join together so we share one world, one life and one new beginning

Help me live each new day like it is my last day on Mother Earth and guide each foot step as I continue my journey on the Red Road.

It is all osda. Enjoy today like it will be your last.

Ron is offering a lay away plan for his wonderful eggs at this time.  Visit his store to learn more about it and see more of his terrific talent in egg carving.

Wado Ron for all that you do for our campfire community.