Well, when you live long enough, you encounter all types of people.  I’ve lived long enough to know this to be true.  But, I continue to be amazed at people who take the precious time they allowed on earth to deal with issues/opinions that no one else cares about.  Perhaps they feel bigger in their attempt to make someone else feel smaller. 

Yesterday, I came to the computer to check on e-mails, convo’s, and other communications.  I was surprised and somewhat shocked at a convo I received from “bntlybent” on Etsy!  Later investigation shows that her name is Marjorie Latham and she is from Holyoke, MA.  This is the convo that I received:
Titled:  Are You Kidding Me

Are your kidding me? I can get a Native American Beaded Earrings better looking than what you have for under $3.00

Here are the earrings that she convo’d me from:
Native American Beaded Earrings (Red and Black)

These Native American beaded earrings are beaded with red seed beads and black bugle beads in brick stitch.
The end of the fringe is finished with a red beaded “flower”.

The style is traditional Native American. The beaded portion measures 3 3/4 inch long and 1/2 inch wide.

The surgical steel earwires add and additional 1/2 inch making the total drop 4 1/4 inches.

They are listed for $10.00.

Here is my response to her convo:

Then if you are need of beaded earrings…..I suggest that you get them from your source and if someone is making these for less than $3.00, they are either desperate and have no pride or regard for their art/craft or are 6 year olds in some undeveloped country.

Pride yourself in exploiting them….which ever they are.

Joni Stinson.

I have not received a response back from Ms.Latham.  Nor do I care to receive one.  There are not enough hours in my day to have time for people like her.    In fact, even writing this takes more time that she deserves.  So, this is more for your morning amusement than for anything else.   I thought you might like to see what crawls out from beneath the rocks from time to time.   I’m not kidding you!