Several months before Easter, I purchased a set of fun magnets from our gusdi, Clay Dancer Designs (Eva Glazebrook) to include in Patrick’s Easter basket.  HALF PRICE SALE-Magnet Sentence Puzzle Set 2


The individual magnets can be re-arranged to make other sentences such as:

Fry bread is buttered on top”, or 
“Is fry bread buttered on top?”, or
“Buttered fry bread is on top” and
“On top is buttered fry bread”, and even
“On top fry bread is buttered.”

And here is Patrick with them are on Easter morning!

Of course, I thought he would put them on our refrigerator so that I could play with them.  But that hasn’t happened as of yet!  I’m sure he will in due time. 


If it doesn’t happen, I might have to purchase this zuni bear and mandalla set these for myself.

Bear and Mandala Magnet Set


Claydancer has been a valued member of our Campfire Community for a long time.  In addition to her Clay Dancing, she has a Masters degree in Counseling and has worked with those who suffer from addiction and abuse.


Claydancer says, “The delicate art of counseling is like a dance between the client and the counselor.

Clay, itself, can be a difficult client, but I am learning to be patient and listen.

This artform has taught me how to slow down.


She is a member of the Arts League of Lowell and has participated in exhibiting her 3D artwork in Lowell gallery shows…

Claydancer, everyone enjoyed Patrick’s Easter gift of your work…..and maybe I will get to play with them soon!


To purchase or view more of her work, please go to:

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