Last Saturday, NOM (Night Owl Market aka Stephanie) and I had side by side booths at the Creighton University 7th Annual Pow Wow in Omaha, Nebraska.  The weather was not the best and the turn out was down slightly but it was a great event.   These photos were taken near the end of the event.   Stephanie and her husband, Wendell decided to strut their dancing skills as well as vend her beautiful Pendleton wool work.  Patrick kept an eye on their booth while they two stepped around the dance arena and I slipped around with a camera.   They are the couple in black.


  A little closer this time


  While they danced, our good friend Mike took a well deserved break.


  I had made 20 plume feather hair clips and 20 goose feather clips for the event.  All were gone except 1 damaged one (top right) at the time of this photo….that one was even purchased before the night was over.  My end of our booth….a bit picked over by the time this was taken.




  Here is Patrick making a sale.  NOM’s booth can be seen (almost) to the right of the young lady.


  I regret that I didn’t get more photos of this event…maybe next time!#end