I received this e-mail today and thought some of you may be interested.

I write to you today, a little over a year since the passing of my wife and Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller, to tell you about a movie in the works that will honor Wilma’s legacy.  

The movie is called The Cherokee Word for Water and it tells the story of the Bell Waterline Project, a successful self-help project that Wilma and I directed in rural Oklahoma nearly thirty years ago.   Because she believed strongly that public perception shapes public policy, I’d like to ask for your help today in honoring and extending Wilma’s legacy through this movie.  To do so, we have developed a relationship with a new and creative way to fund worthwhile projects.  It’s called KICKSTARTER and you can find our support page here:


We have set a goal of raising $25,000 in the next month.  We are very close to meeting our budget for this film and are eager to begin production on location in Oklahoma this year.   Every dollar counts!   
Wilma worked for decades to improve the quality of life for Indian people in this country.   She cared deeply that Native and non-Native people see the positive in Native communities and wanted to leave this legacy to show the resilience of Indian people.  It is my hope that you will join me to support the film’s mission to do just that.   We just launched our KICKSTARTER page today, so we would be honored if you would be among our first supporters.   And of course, please feel free to share this email far and wide!

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Charlie Soap

Tahlequah, OK