Dove’s Native Designs is our story teller for tonight. 


Our official blessing giver, 1 Egg Man, opened our event with this prayer:

Oh Great Spirit,

Bless us from the East with the winds that bring and renew life.

Bless us from the South with the warm wet winds that invite growth.

Bless us from the West with the winds that lead us through this life to the next.

Bless us from the North with the cool winds that calm our passions.

Fill the sky so that we might sense your presence and bless us from mother earth from which we have come and to whom we shall return.

Guide us on our path in life as we strive to walk in Balance and Harmony.

It is all osda.

Dove’s Native Designs began:  This story was told to my sister, brother and my self by our Grandfather Satterfield:

Along time ago, when fairies still walked openly among the animals, everyone lived in harmony and balance. They helped each other, raising their families, building their homes, laughing and playing together; all was good.

Until one day when some of the deer began to get sick. The deer came to the meeting place holding their stomachs and crying in pain. Everyone was very concerned because they all loved the gentle deer so very much. It was determined that the deer had eaten something that had made them sick. No one could figure out what they had eaten that was unusual and different. Therefore, it was decided that the deer should be followed to see what had changed in their daily diet.

A group of fairies set out the next morning to follow their deer friends and watch them. As they went through the day, the deer ate a variety of vegetation, raspberries, green grass, and leaves. The faeries saw nothing that could cause the deer to become sick. As the afternoon approached, the fairies noticed that the deer were eating from a clover patch and as they ate, they began to become sick.

The faeries gathered around the deer and discovered that poison ivy had grown up amongst the clover plants. The deer who were nearsighted could not tell the difference between the poison ivy and the clovers.

That evening, a special meeting was organized. The faeries discussed everything they could think of to find a solution to the problem. They talked long into the evening and although they discussed many good ideas, none of them would help the deer to stop eating the poison ivy.

As they were about to give up one of the smallest faeries, who had been listening from the back of the campfire, came forward with a small bucket of chalk and a cloverleaf. He suggested marking the clovers in some way so that the clover leafs would look very different from the poison ivy leaves. He demonstrated his idea.

He sat in the bucket of chalk and then sat on each of the clover leafs, leaving behind the mark of a fairy bottom. There was silence… then an overwhelming sound of joy. They had found the solution!

All of the faeries got a bucket of chalk and while the deer slept, the faeries went to every cloverleaf in the forest. They sat in the bucket of chalk, then they sat on each cloverleaf; leaving behind a mark so that the deer would recognize the difference between poison ivy and clover.

The following day as the deer ate their meals they were able to tell the difference between the two plants. They ate, ate, and did not get sick eating poison ivy ever again.

To this day bottom marks, left by the faeries, are on each cloverleaf. These marks are here to remind of a time when the fairies walked freely among us and everyone lived in Balance and Harmony.

The second story is as follows:

How Music came to Earth
An American Indian Legend – Nation Unknown

A great medicine man, who studies the four quarters of the world and the skies, walked the Earth and, noticing how silent it was, cried out with great sadness and pity for the people of the world.
He called out for the winds from the four quarters of the Earth, “Come oh Wind!” “Come oh Wind!” “Come oh Wind!” “Come oh Wind!”

The vast sorrowful winds gathered from over the face of the Earth and rose up, high, into the sky. It whisked up the dust of the Earth into a cloud and whipped the seas into a froth. The trees too, bent one way and another, in the wake of the wind, until it arrived at the medicine mans camp.

The medicine man spoke.
“Wind, the world is sad and without hope. Earth is sick from silence. Here we have light and color and sweet fruits aplenty, but we have no music. We should give music to the world, to accompany the dawn, to brighten the dreams of the people and lull the infants in their mother’s arms. There should be music in the flowing rivers and the playful breezes. Life should be all music! Go, Wind, through the boundless sadness that lies between the blue smoke of the sky and the vastness above, to the Mansion of the Sun. There our Father Sun is surrounded by musicians, and their music is sweet and broadcasts the sunlight in all directions. Go there and bring us back the best of those musicians and singers.”

When Father Sun saw the wind approaching he warned his musicians to stop their playing and their singing, for any who raised their voices would have to leave the Mansion of the Sun and go down to Earth.
The wind alighted on the stairs of the Mansion of the Sun and called to those inside, “Come oh musicians! Come oh Singers!

None made answer. All were a silent, a silent Rainbow of glittering, circling dance of colors caught in the blazing glow of the Sun. Wind was enraged at the selfishness of sun and from the farthest corners and the deepest depths, and he launched forth swarms of blackened clouds, spun around and ripped through with his lightning lash. Flashing and rumbling they besieged the Mansion of the Sun.

From the endless deeps of his throat, roared black thunder and everything round about crumbled. The Sun was caught up in the seething blackness in the sky, a bleary redness in the dark.

The musicians and singers ran in great fear to seek shelter in the wind’s embrace, and bearing them gently lest he jar their delicate melodies, with his arms full of joy and brightness, he dove down through the sky to Earth.
The wind beamed with happiness as all the Earth below raised its eyes up to heaven. Its whole face shone with anticipation, each tree lifting its arms up in welcome. The quetzal birds flew up and the faces of the flowers and the cheeks of the fruits and all the voices of the people cheered as the company of musicians landed on the Earth.

The wind, no longer sorrowful, but all happiness now, sang through the air, kissed the seas and the high places, caressed the valleys and whistled through the trees, distributing music to all the four quarters of the Earth.

And so was music brought to Earth in the arms of the wind and all creation learned to sing. A chorus to accompany the dawn, a lullaby in the mouth of a parent, songs to brighten our dreams and lift the spirit. There is music in the flowing rivers and in the playful breezes.
Life was full of music from that time on!

Doves Native Designs….we thank you for sharing your stories.  Doves is a very talented member of our Team.  You can make your own special music from one of rattles.

Turtle Shell Rattle - Red Backbone

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1 responses to “Wednesday Campfire Story as Told By Doves Native Designs”

  • Beautiful heart warming stories! Every time I hear the wind singing through the trees I will think of How Music came to Earth! The Fairy story is wonderful too, deer and clover are in my heart always!

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