Meet Nellie Louise Deming.

She is the great grandmother of our gusdi Chanson Trinity (Betsy Battles). 

Chanson says, “She married my great grandfater Daniel Webster Benjamin in 1889.
They had 4 daughters and lived in Norwich, Connecticut.

When the Spanish Flue epidemic hit, Daniel and two of their daughters died.  This left Nellie with the two oldest children, Annie and Eleanor, to raise.  Nellie was 33 and my grandmother, Annie Eliza, was 6. 

Nellie created quite a furor when she remarried to a man from Tristan Da Cunha.  He was a sea captain and quite exotic and was considered by the gentry of Norwich to be “black” though he was really Portuguese. 

Nellie died in 1922 at the age of 55.
She was survived by Annie and her half brother Ted. 

I am still in touch with Ted daughter, my father’s cousin, Nellie.

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Chanson and her two sisters create “Chanson Trinity”.  Chanson is the jewelry maker in this trinity.  Here is one example of her work.  To purchase this item or view more, please go to:

Chanson thanks for sharing this glimpse of your past with us and for being such a loyal supporter of our team!  Nellie, like you, must have been a strong and daring woman!  We honor our ancestors!