Francisca Morales Ramirez

Native Beads sent me this photograph of her paternal great grandmother.   Native was unable to provide a great deal of information about her but is rightfully proud to have her picture. 

Native commented on her “serious” look and attributed to the times she lived in.  I concur.  In many photos of our ancestors, they demonstrate that same stoicism.   She looks both petite and very proper.

Native’s grandfather and father have indicated that Francisca Morales Ramirez was a resilient woman who raised her children with kindness.

Her daughter, my grandmother was a very sweet, kind and loving woman.   She raised a dozen children!   Three of the children  were adopted due to my uncle and his wife’s untimely deaths

Native Beads said, “The earrings that my Great Grandmother is wearing in the photo got my attention because I tend to wear that same style of earring.   I can’t help but wonder if I will resemble her when I get older.”  What do you think?


Native Beads

I think Francisca Morales Ramirez would be so proud of her Great Grandaughter!   I can see a smile over taking her somber look if she could be photographed thinking of Native Beads!   She would just have to be so proud of you! 

Thanks Native Beads for allowing us a peek into your heritage and honor your Great Grandmother! 

To see Native Bead’s work, please go to: www.nativebeads.etsy.com