You have all heard the story of Cinderella….you know, she is that fairy tale princess who had the smallest foot.  No one else could fit into her lost glass slipper…especially those ugly step sisters! 

Well, we have a gusdi whose wrist would cause a prince to easily identify her should she lose her bracelet! 
That person is our one and only Aneurythm (Merry)!  Because her wrists are so small, most bracelets sold on Etsy are simply too big to fit her delicate little wrists.  She has to have her bracelets custom made as a result.  And where does one go for custom pieces…..just look around our campfire!  That is what Merryella did.


Here are the results of her latest spree. I made the Study in Black and White Loomed Bracelet.  Native Beads made the circular netting bracelet on the same hand.  Here is another photo of Native Bead’s bracelet….it is in Medicine Wheel colors that can’t be viewed in its entirety in the first photo. 
Custom order for Merry

Now on the other hand……
There is a beautiful copper cuff made by For The Brand and a leather cuff with a magnificent buffalo made by Sweet Grass Valley.

For a back hand view….


My bracelet came to Merry with a chain extender.  It was so small I was just sure that Merryella had mis-measured and with the extender, it would fit anyway…………why did I doubt her?  LOL  I see that she has deftly removed the chain…..

So, if you find a bracelet that seems far too small for any adult….go directly to Merry’s….it is no doubt her’s!

“Merryella” is a great friend of our campfire, keeps us laughing with her antics, is often reminded to take her meds by KB (her cyber son), and makes beautiful jewelry herself.  Here is a sample of Merryella’s work.  It is called “Horse Feathers”.
HorseFeathers. Spiny Oyster and Jet Choker

To purchase this necklace or to see more of Merry’s wonderful work, please go to:

Thanks Merry for simply being you and for all of your support! 

 To see the work of the artists who custom made bracelets for Merry, please go to: