Florence Smith…Le Nape and Cherokee

Meet Florence Smith….Maternal Grandmother of Miss Tudy

The idea for this feature was formed when our gusdi, Miss Tudy, sent me a photograph of her maternal grandmother.   It occurred to me that many of may have photos of your ancestors and interesting stories to tell about them. 

Miss Tudy says. “Mom had always said that her mother was half Le Nape.  Through research encouraged by the Principal Chief here,  I have found  that she was also half  Cherokee.   Her father was full blooded Cherokee.

Florence was born in 1889 in New York state with no last name in English so she used Smith.  She was an only child as her father was killed very young by a horse kick.  That was the only info Mom had on him.  That  horse kick killed him when he was 22.

I don’t know how old she was but the story Mom told me about her was that she was “given” to my grandfather (a French man) when she was only 14 and he was 24.  He promised he would not marry her or let her have babies until she was 18 and he kept his promise. 

My first uncle was born to her when she was just shy of her 19th birthday. I have a picture of her husband with a pinto horse if I can find it, it’s tattered but  better than this one.

She really looks Native American doesn’t she? My cousin who is only 1 month older than me looks just like her.

I have light hair and freckles from my Welsh grandmother.

I love history and snooping to find my past. My paternal side is easy, his father a German immigrant and his mother an immigrant from Wales.

Miss Tudy, thanks for sharing your Grandmother, Florence Smith, with us.  If you locate that photo, we would love to see that honorable French Grandfather as well.

Miss Tudy continues to honor her ancestors through her life and life’s work.   Her store is filled with Primitive Knives, leather possibles bags and other goods for the 18th century Historical Reenactors, Longhunters, Fur Trade and Mountain Man or traditional hunter.
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