Last night I posted a powerful story as told by Rising Dove (Doves Native Designs).  It stimulated our gusdi from across the pond, Handy Ann,  to share her bird totem experience.  These stories are just too beautiful and powerful to be buried in the pages of our awesome thread.  So, I have captured them here.   The Sea Gull Messenger as posted by Handy Ann: Seagull flying over ocean - Royalty Free Stock Photo


Osda sunalei digusdi,

Once again, this group has been a source of inspiration and example. Dove, your story touched me very much, both for the trials and struggle you have overcome yourself and for an experience I had 10 years ago and which I have never shared with anyone.

I was walking back from the local funeral director, having arranged my son Jonathan’s funeral details. Skegness, where we were living at the time, is a seaside town, very popular in the summer. This was the 14th of January, everywhere empty of tourists and quiet. I can’t describe my feelings at the time. Suddenly a seagull swooped down about 8 feet in front of me – not so odd in a seaside town of course – but this one continued to fly right in front of me and about at my eye level for a good 5 minutes. The really strange thing was that it kept looking back at me every so often, as if to check I was still there.

When we reached the corner where I had to turn for home, the seagull looked around at me once more, gave a loud cry and soared off into the sky.

One of my favourite books for years has been Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach, a story about a young seagull learning to fly. The premise behind the story is that you can conquer anything and do anything if you want to enough.

It might be fanciful, but I’ve always thought that the seagull who travelled with me was my Jonathan, telling me that I wasn’t alone and that I could get through this dreadful time. I’ve always been grateful for the comfort this experience gave me.


Thanks Handy Ann for sharing this beautiful story.


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