During National Native American Month, Vicki Diane Designs did a “For Artists Exposed” Treasury featuring many of our digusdi.  Dove was not included because she is camera shy.  She says, ” I do not like having my picture taken so avoid the camera at almost all costs. Unless one is sneaked like this was. I have enjoyed being able to put a face with a name of others on the thread so here is mine.”  

Her daughter caught her off guard and took this picture.

Since we probably will not have another For Artists Exposed Treasury until November, 2011, I decided that was too long for you to wait to put a face with a name.  So here is Dove. 

Dove says, “I have always drawn both inspiration and energy from the ancient lands of my people. Growing up in the area of the Hopewell Mounds as a child, often I would forage deep into the surrounding woods and let the visions and inspirations of these sacred lands find expression in my art. A pebble that spoke to me or a piece of wood that would catch my eye because of it’s natural beauty, became part of a larger collection that demanded to be honored for both the spirits of the land and the spirit within. Those things that are found in nature have always held the strongest connection whether a bone or shell from an animal that once roamed the land, a feather dropped from a bird that once flew the skies or a special stone worn smooth from the timeless flow of a stream, each was a small treasure to be contemplated.

My art is an expression and acknowledgement of ancient wisdom and each piece becomes a point of connection to the Great Mystery that connects us all. Each piece is a meditation in which body, mind and spirit come together and thus each piece is an expression of what lies within as well as without. Each area I have had the pleasure to have known in these timeless lands, has offered its own unique inspiration. Some things are meant to be shared and I pray that whoever is drawn to my art feels the uplifting of sprit in the receiving as I felt in the creation.

“Mitakuye oyasin” We are all related

Though Dove is not an enrolled citizen of any federally recognized Native American Tribe.  She correctly identifies this on her Etsy profile.  She says, “Any resemblance to an authentic Native American piece of artwork is not intentional and is by mistake. Although these pieces are inspired and influenced by North American indigenous people, they are to be considered original replications.” 

Her work is further proof that one does not have to be Native by blood to be inspired and create wonderful work. For your viewing pleasure, here are my current favorite pieces in her store.
Peyote Stitch Beaded Gourd Rattle

Possible Bag Light Tan Deer-Hide

To purchase these items or to view more of her work, please go to:

We thank Dove’s daughter for her stealth in getting this rare snapshot