did not realize that Howling had two stories for us tonight and had already posted the first.  So, my apologies Howling Caterpillars!


Here is story number two:


Hand Carved Rhea Egg, See, Hear, Speak No Evil

Illustration by 1Egg Man.  To purchase this egg or to see more of 1 Egg Man (Ron)’s wonderful work

go to www.1eggman.etsy.com


The Hen and the Frog

One day the frog was in her pond jealously watching over her eggs when along came the hen looking for a place to nest. After a moment of silence the hen laid a large egg. Feeling happy and proud, she began to cackle, shattering the peace the frog was enjoying at the edge of the pond.

Irritated by this noise, the frog jumped up onto the shore to interrupt the cackling. “Quiet, Quiet, Madame Pompadour! I’d like to know what all this fuss is about.”


“Well, I’ve laid an egg, a magnificent egg. A big, handsome new egg.” With this the hen reached under herself with her beak and rolled out the egg. The frog mocked her. “Well, Well, well, just one egg, and you make such a racket. What would you do if you had laid the countless eggs I have? Look around at these long strings of eggs. And I am not going around boasting and praising myself.”


“Well, so it is, dear friend.” said the hen. “But the eggs I lay serve as the farmer’s food. Yours, so far as I know, though they are counted by hundreds or thousands, don’t have as much essential use as ONE of mine.”


PLUK! The embarrassed frog disappeared under the water. Although she heard the hen cackling over other eggs, she didn’t come out to make comparisons. She learned from her rash conduct that quality and not quantity determines the value of a product.