Emu Dreamcatcher Egg w/ End of the Trail Carving
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This is the opening prayer and stories told by 1 Egg Man on December 1, 2010.  I was unable to attend and have been delayed in getting this posted to our blog.  Ron, I apologize! 


Ron, owner of Takoda, one of our Campfire Pets has made much appreciated contributions to our Native American Forum Thread.  His talent is amazing!  But so is his wit, his wisdom, and generosity.  We all benefit from his regular and many contributions. 


We love you Ron!


Here is his opening prayer.  He says it has always been special to him and I think it will be special for you as well.


My grandfather is the fire, My grandmother is the wind
The Earth is my mother, The Great Spirit is my father
The World stopped at my birth and laid itself at my feet
And I shall swallow the Earth whole when I die
and the Earth and I will be one

Hail The Great Spirit, my father, without him no one could exist
because there would be no will to live

Hail The Earth, my mother, without which no food could be grown
and so cause the will to live to starve

Hail the wind, my grandmother, for she brings loving, life giving rain
nourishing us as she nourishes our crops

Hail the fire, my grandfather, for the light, the warmth, the comfort he brings
without which we be animals, not men

Hail my parent and grandparents, without which, not I, nor you,
nor anyone else could have existed

Life gives life, which gives unto itself a promise of new life

Hail the Great Spirit, The Earth, the wind, the fire
Praise my parents loudly, for they are your parents, too

Oh, Great Spirit, giver of my life,
please accept this humble offering of prayer,
this offering of praise,
this honest reverence of my love for you.

Dance of The Blue Blanket

Retold by Barbara Shining Woman Warren
(a contemporary story based on a true incident)


Nadia was four years old…and she loved Indians. Everything about Indians excited her. One day Nadia’s grandmother came for a visit. Grandmother recalled those old stories the family told of Cherokee blood. So Grandmother decided to take Nadia, along with Nadia’s mother and baby brother, to her first pow wow. 


Little Nadia stood at the edge of the Circle. She watched with awe as the dancers passed by her dressed in their beautiful clothing. She listened intently to the drum, her knees dipping with the beat and Nadia knew she wanted to dance. But there were so many kinds of dances going on. She watched the men; then the women. She lifted one foot, then the other, puzzled about just what she should do with her feet. 


Nadia felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking up she saw a smiling woman dressed in beautiful clothing holding out her hand toward Nadia. Nadia hesitated and glanced at her grandmother for approval. Grandmother’s eyes smiled, “Yes.” So Nadia accepted the hand of the stranger and together they danced and danced around the Circle. After a while, Nadia began to dance on her own. As Grandmother watched, Nadia started to twirl and whirl holding her arms up high in the air in imitation of the lovely fancy shawl dancers. 

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Grandmother beckoned to Nadia. She gave her a small blue blanket belonging to Nadia’s baby brother. Nadia placed the blanket around her shoulders and began to dance with it in the Circle, the blue blanket twirling and whirling about her like the wings of a butterfly.


She felt another tap on her shoulder, and there stood a different woman, and in her out-stretched hand she held a child-sized fringed shawl. Nadia glanced at Grandmother for approval. Grandmother’s eyes smiled, “Yes.” So Nadia accepted the gift from the stranger. She placed the fringed shawl about her shoulders and then began to dance, the fringed shawl twirling and whirling about her like the wings of a butterfly


Nadia danced in honor of all those ancestors who had come before and with the pure joy of being a little girl at her very first pow wow.


The caring way of one society, the Native American.

Fancy Shawl Dance, Study by Jean Levert Hood Oil ~ x

This lovely painting was done by my friend, Jean Levert Hood.  Jean said, “I watched a “Shawl Dance” by a delightful young lady in beautiful regalia. Her dance was lovely and moving.” 


Could this be the girl that started with a blue baby blanket?  To see more of Jean’s Art, please go to



Horse Hair Necklace with Sterling Silver Flying Eagle/Hawk Pendant Blue Lapis OOAK

Illustration by Sonora Kay

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Now about our government, another true story.


Death of an Eagle by Brookie Craig

Recently, I went to the Warm Springs reservation in Oregon and then to the Federal Eagle Repository in Ashland Oregon.
You probably never heard of Nathan Jim, Jr. He was a Yakima Indian who was arrested for illegal possession of Eagle Feathers and parts, by the Feds a couple years ago. He languished in fed jail for l4 months awaiting trial and was finally put on probation for this heinous crime. His lawyer appealed it under the new Religious Freedom act which guarantees Native Americans the right to eagle feathers to practice their religious ceremonies and again lost the appeal..He killed himself fearing that (in his mind) it would mean that the feds would rearrest him and sentence him to jail again.


I decided to continue the challenge to the Feds and drove to Ashland Oregon where they keep dead Eagles (yes..its true they have a Eagle repository there) and with much dread and fear (we NA do not TRUST the feds, having felt their wrath many times in the past) and trembled my way through the door fully expecting the worst. I was met at the counter by a little old lady who is a volunteer there. While holding my Bureau of Indian Affairs ID card in one hand and my Cherokee Tribal Registration card in the other, I tried to remember my Ancestors who would want my voice to be strong and proud. I stood a little taller and I said, “I want a Eagle Feather which is my right under the Religious Freedom Act.” I expected a lightning bolt to come down but instead saw a gentle smile as she softly said, “Of course,” walked over and handed me a a packet of federal forms to fill out with instructions to send in to the Portland office of the US department of Wildlife management.


I smiled as I read that I will have to have signed references from another Elder and Verification from the Bureau of Indian Affairs AND my Tribe to prove that I am, indeed a REAL Indian. References even for a Eagle Feather.

She asks…”Do you want a Bald or a Golden Eagle?” CHOICES!?!? I’m not prepared…”Do you want just a wing..or talons..or the head…or the whole eagle?” WHAT?!?!?! I come in expecting to be arrested for asking for ONE feather and they’re offering me the WHOLE bird!?! I am confused by the offer and She sees that I’m unprepared for them offering me choices of parts of this sacred bird and smiles her suggestion that perhaps I might want to look at the drawings of the parts of the bird, circle what I want and include it with the forms…I am defeated instantly by her gentleness.


I ask her how they send an Eagle to me and she replies through the U.S. Mail..THE MAIL!?! I cannot envision receiving a dead Eagle through the mail and smile at the thought that I might owe postage due upon receipt.

Walking out the door I turn my head and see a stuffed Eagle, sitting silently perched proudly, in a glass cage, on display in the main lobby and overwhelming sadness fills my heart as I realize that another Eagle fell from the sky…a man, also fearful but who stood up for his beliefs, who will never be remembered by anyone for a cause that no one really cares about I guess…and the thought of his falling in vain fills me with a sense of profound grief, for our People believe that the Eagle is the sacred Messenger who brings the messages from our Creator…The thought hits me that no one will hear that message for the Eagle plunged to Mother Earth and perhaps mankind might have had a chance to have heard something sacred, but now…will never know.


There is something terribly tragic in that. I hope someone hears this message and cares about Nathan Jim, Jr. and the Eagle who fell from the sky.

There is something inherently evil in the system of a country, that was founded by people escaping religious persecution, that fills it’s citizens with such fear that they kill themselves over what they consider to be a basic right of religious freedom.


Elder Michael Thrasher once told me that the eagle feather has two sides. If the feather had only one side then Eagle could not fly. On one side we find mind/intellect, body/movement and spirit/emotion. Once these are balanced a person is balanced. On the other side there is institution/education (and not just Western style education), process (the movement on one’s path) and ceremony. Once these are balanced then a person’s life is balanced. When the two sides of the feather are balanced then we have proper behaviour.

Funny thing is…….Eagle doesn’t care if its feathers have two sides….It just opens its wings and flies up to Creator.


I just had to share both of those to show the difference between two societies. The Native American and those who stole their land.