This is Molly


This is Elvis with Breanna and Danielle

These two remarkable four leggeds belong to our November Honoree, Native Beads. 

Native Beads says, “This is my little rescue dog, Molly, part Rottweiler/hound and maybe part coyote. We met her when she came into our yard to console our other dog, Elvis because he lost his dear friend Zuni to cancer of the jaw.

She had been abandoned by her “people” who left their house in the country when their water pipes froze.  They left her and Mimi (a small dog) with a bowl of water (ice) and a bowl of food to survive the winter. By the time their “people” returned in the spring, we had adopted her with the blessings of Animal Control. Molly had very good survival skills and burrowed under their home and kept warm by  sleeping in the insulation under the house, probably not good for their lungs. She also developed a few bad habits like rummaging through people’s trash and also killing her own meat, like neighborhood chickens,  small goats and rabbits. The neighbors seem to tolerate this because of her history of neglect, although we are doing our best to teach her not to do those things…  She is a most loveable and loyal spirit and loves to guard the children on their way to the school bus so everybody knows Molly. She used to bring Elvis “used”  MickeyD’s hamburgers and Cheetos, which is a sign of TRUE LOVE, if I ever saw it. We laughed like crazy when we would find her stash in the dog house.

     Our other rescue is Elvis a Chow and German Shepherd mix.  He was raised by a pack of wild children…really!  His mother rejected him at birth, so the kids bottle fed him until he got too big. Then, my husband rescued him from the shopping cart at the local discount store. He couldn’t pass up on a good sale (free)!  The second photo is Elvis posing with two of my granddaughters.  He is gentle giant and loves children because they love him.

     Isn’t it interesting how these creatures seem to be smart enough to adopt us when they learn that all humans are not the same?


It is such a pleasure to have Native Beads and her pets around our campfire.   Dr. Theresa Geary, Native Beads, is the author of several books on beading.  She is an accomplished bead artist, soap maker, and does other potions and lotions as well.  Here is an example of her work:

Silky pink beauty lotion and butterfly ornamanent

To purchase this lotion and bead ornament or to see more of her work, please go to:

Since the two beautiful young ladies were not identified as to their relationship to Theresa, perhaps she will leave a comment that lets us know that information