As a part of our National Native American Heritage Month, Vicki Diane of Vicki Diane Designs curated an Etsy Treasury featuring many of our disgusdi (cousins).



No one is more selfless and dedicated to promoting Etsy Artists than Vicki. She is a Diva with a huge heart and a great talent! Vicki lives in Spain and in the U.K. While I would assume that her exposure to Native Americans is probably not vast, she is definitely Native in Spirit and I am proud to call icki y riend.


No that it isn’t a typo. It is Vicki/Joni language.  Many moons ago when we were convo’ing one another, a typo was made. It was very funny and since then we have had our own language. It is not as complicated as Tsalagi (Cherokee), it is merely the dropping of the first letter of the word. We have had month’s of fun with it.

While we show Pride In Our Heritage, Honor Our Ancestors, we must also give Thanks for the work that Vicki has done to give faces to our community as we celebrate this November.  

Vicki describes her store as her colourful little shop full of FUNIQUE, bold, vibrant and completely one of treasures !  

She says, “I’m in LOVE with life , colour, music and art. If it stands still long enough – I will decorate, adorn, embellish and kiss it* ! I do many fashion shows here on the Costa del Sol matching jewelry and accessories to the model’s frocks . I love a challenge ! CHALLENGE ME !!!!
(I dare you !! )”

Here is a sample of her work:

To purchase this item or to see more of her amazing work, please go to

Please note that she is promoting this treasury in her shop announcement…..go there and scroll down the read more.

icki, e ove ou!
XXX 000