Holly is our latest Campfire pet.  Holly has an amazing resemblance to KayDee, another of our Campfire pets belonging to VanFleetStreetDesigns. 

But Holly belongs to our gusdi, OhClaudia. 

Claudia is relatively new to our site but has settled into our community very well. 

Not long ago when I needed to do some household chores, Claudia understood my delimia very well.  Since she is a beadweaver, she understands that I would much rather bead than clean and sent me this picture.

Claudia’s profile says, “I live in beautiful Portland, OR. I have been beading for several years.
I have been enjoying, hearting and indulging in the fine beadwork items of the many Etsy bead artists over the years.   I finally decided to try my hand at selling my beadwork.

Here is a sample of Claudia’s work:

Beaded Bracelet - Turquoise Composite Netted Spiral

Holly is not for sale but this piece is!  To purchase this piece or to see more of Claudia’s
work, please go to:

Claudia, thanks for becoming a part of our family and for sharing Holly with our community!

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