Thanks to one of our beloved gusdi, each morning and evening (and sometimes, mid-day), we are reminded to light a candle for our friends and relatives in need. 

Sonora Kay, we would like to put a spot light on you for having started this beautiful ritual and for reminding us to light a candle.  We know that with your school obligations and running your Etsy store, time is often hard to find.  But somehow you manage!  That is awesome.

Sonora Kay makes beautiful jewelry and is constantly challenging herself to add new skills.  One of her latest is braiding horse hair.  While she doesn’t presently have any of her horse hair work listed for sale on Etsy, she does have many gorgeous pieces.  Here is a sample.  These are her Dream Catcher Earrings.

I was lucky enough to win a pair of her Dream Catcher Earrings in her blog giveaway.  So, I can personally attest to the
quality of the work and their beauty. 

Kay lives in Magnolia, Texas with her husband.  She says, “I have a grown daughter who is married and living in Idaho with her husband and my two adorable grandbabies.

I have had a love of arts & crafts for as long as I can remember, and am now directing energy into creating one of a kind objects.

I have been weaving dream catchers for about 10 years now, of all shapes and sizes. I also make jewelry from hemp, and I have recently taken up playing with beads and wire, which have been incorporated into my designs.

The dream catcher earrings and pendants are all hand woven with beading thread.

I have been creating and selling my work for close to a decade now at craft shows, consignment shops, online, and by word of mouth. “

To purchase these earrings or to see more of her wonderful work, please go to:

Kay, Wado for your candle vigilence! 
And now, my friends and relatives, go to this link and Light A Candle for Kay to honor her for doing this for us!