WALK IN HARMONY AND BALANCE Cherokee language circle wall sign
Illustration by Heart Works.  To purchase or view more of her work,
please visit:  www.heartworks.etsy.com

Our Native American Forum Thread is a very special thread .
It is unlike any other on Etsy! 

We came together last November for the purpose of
promoting National Native American Month, 2009. 

However, this thread has far exceeded its original purpose. 

Great friendships have been formed.  Some of our people have
even had the pleasure of meeting in person.  It isn’t just a thread.
It is a community of kindred spirits.  We gather around our
camp fire and admire, inspire, support, laugh at and laugh with
one another.   Sometimes we cry.

We are blessed with a Spiritual Leader, our gusdi, Kicking Bear. 
He assists us in understanding and promoting the old ways and
also teaches us words and phrases in Tsalagi.  He reminds us
to walk in balance and harmony. 

We pray and light candles for guidance and as we travel the Red Road.   We are challenged to try new and challenging things.  

We have great cyber-feasts, tell stories, and honor
one another in many ways.   

New friends have joined us as the original thread progressed
post by post and chapter by chapter.  Each bringing their own
unique qualities to our community. 

One new friend is Cripple Creek Wood Work, aka CCW or Dennis.  While new to the thread, he quickly picked up on how very special it is.  He is a very talented wood work artist.  But yesterday we learned that his talent is not limited to wood work.   He is also a song writer and poet.  

He offered us this poem that beautifully describes what our thread has come to be.    

The Family
by Cripple Creek Wood Work

I have a family that I have never met
To whom I can poor out my heart with no regret
There is always someone to lend an ear
And respond with wisdom, kindness and cheer

We share our breakfast, our kawi and prayer
With an unspoken bond, What is mine is also theirs
We give each other praise, hope and inspiration
And it shows in all of our creations

This family keeps growing without even a birth
And each new members adds special worth
We even have members, across the big pond
Some way down-under and points beyond

We have our own mentor to teach us tradition
And sometimes tor-mentor, but that I won’t mention
We sit in a circle, around the camp fire
And share each others company, until we retire

So I’m placing a big log right there on the flame
And ask the creator, protect this family with no name
And to guide us in our journey, so we might one day meet.
And the circle of life might then be complete

Until that day comes, may traditions we keep
And prop up Dale, for he has fallen asleep

Dennis, this is a wonderful tribute to this thread.
Wado gusdi!

You have read Dennis’s word work….now here is an
example of his intricate wood work.
Native American Inspired Bangle

To purchase or view more of his work, please go to: