I have know Kay Dee for several years.  Kay Dee is owned by Brett of Van Fleet Street Design. 
However, Kay Dee is the only Camp Fire Pet I know that has a Fan page on Face Book! 

Kay Dee, accept my apologies for not introducing you to the Native American Forum group’s
Camp Fire Pets before now!  Thanks Brett for sending these photos. 

Kay Dee’s owner, Brett, is one of my oldest Etsy friends.  Several years ago, when I was new
to selling on Etsy, I chanced to see one of her pieces and it absolutely cracked me up. 
Brett is a great artist who did a series of ACEO’s featuring skeletons.  Since, my husband, Warren,
is an anatomist, it struck a chord with me and I wrote a convo to Brett to tell her how funny
her work was.  She sold that ACEO but I captured the photo.

The Title is:
You Are So Funny, Where Were You When I Was Alive


This was the beginning of an on-going friendship.  When I was considering joining a team on Etsy, Brett guided me towards the BBest Team.  My experiences with Brett and BBest Team have been terrific.

I own several her ACEO’s.  She did a custom one just for me.  You can view it here:

Brett has been going through some troubling times both physically and emotionally during the past few months.  We hope that she becomes stronger and stronger everyday and will find peace in her heart and regain strength in her body.

Kay Dee, our newest official Camp Fire Pet, and all of the regulars on the NAT thread will be there to cheer and support you Brett!   Progress well my friend!

Here is sample of one of Brett’s nichos.
Nicho The Ancient Ones (Anasazi)

It symbolizes the pottery of the Anasazi and is her entry in our Anasazi Challenge.

To see more of her work, Please go to:


Best wishes to Brett and her faithful Kay Dee.#end