Our Campfire Honoree of the Month is Ron, 1 Egg Man.

We have a party on the last Thursday of each month to honor one of our gusdi.  Spirit Bear is the gusdi who came up with the idea and has served as our Hostess With The Mostest for these events.


The honoree is blessed by many of our “regulars” popping in to pay respect and honor to the selected individual.  Giftings are done by regulars volunteering to send an appropriate gift to the honoree.  Often more than one person volunteers.  This makes the day even more special for the honoree.


There is something about 1 Egg Man.  While his party was to begin at 2:00 EST, many began to “Roast” him much earlier in the day.  Here are samples of the “nice” things that were said about him.


For The Brand Said:

Ron is a clerver guy and often has lots to say. I don’t usually enter into a lot of conversation with him. You see, it’s hard to match wits with someone who has none.

Ron’s always been a swinger. Instead of an umbilical cord, he was born with a bungee cord.

Ron may be a vegetarian but he’s still full of hot balogna.


Ron recently had his annual physical, and he went home and told his wife that his doctor told him his body was at its peak. She screamed and ran into the bedroom and cried.


Ron, you know you’re getting older when you bend over in the morning to tie your shoes and realize you didn’t take them off the night before.


Ron is getting crows feet around his eyes. And I’ll tell you, that crow has big feet!

Ron recently bought some of that “Gingkori” that’s supposed to improve your memory, but he forgot where he put it.


Kicking Bear, our wise man and mentor, said:

Some drink from the fountain of knowledge …
Ron only gargled

Ron ….
I just got a call from your mechanic, Bubba …
he said he can’t fix your brakes
but he can make your horn louder


I used to have a donkey with an IQ of 177 …
no one liked that smart ass either.


I didn’t say Eggman was old …. but …
he has an autographed copy of the Bible


Ron is so interesting ….
he would make a statue yawn


If I’ve said anything to insult you … believe me
I’ve tried my best

Been trying to find something nice to
say about Uwetsi …..
He is so well liked, he has a sign on
his lawn….
“For Sale by Neighbors”


The only reason he took up jogging was
so he could hear heavy breathing again


He had to exercise in the morning …
before his brain figured out what he was doing


Eggman gave up jogging ……
it makes the ice jump out of his glass


Ron doesn’t exercise at all now …
his philosophy is that if God meant for you
to touch your toes …
He would have put them further up your body


Vikotas brought Ron gifts of food:



Sweet Grass Valley asked the following:

what do you call a mischevious egg??

a practical yolker


CrippleCreekWood said:

Ron told his wife he wanted money for a home improvement. She gave him $1000 and asked him to leave!


Ron signed up for a dating service called Carbon Dating!


BackYardNature Photos said:

Is he the one whose parents tied a pork chop around his neck so the dog would play with him?


And Then The Party Began


After the “Unofficial Roasting”, Kicking Bear led us in the following prayer:


O Great Spirit,
We come before you in a humble manner.
We stand as many, but joined as one, not by blood,
but by something greater ….
We are joined by spirit.

Amidst the beauty of this Great Creation
We give thanks for the gift of life that we have been given.
We give thanks to Mother Earth and to the Sacred Fire
which burns brightly in our hearts
We thank you for the precious gift of clarity,
openness, strength and wisdom.

We walk the path of peace and give thanks to all
our relations and for the beauty of all things.
We ask your healing hands be placed upon our
Brothers and sisters that they may walk in health
And wellness.

O Great Spirit
Wipe our tears and cover us in your blanket
of love and understanding.
In balance and harmony we give thanks.
It is all good.


The gifts that were given to Ron were provided by Handy Ann and Sweet

Grass Valley with a contribution of bark from Spirit Bear.

Sweet Grass Valley’s Gift To Ron


Handy Ann’s Gift To Ron


A great time was had by all! 


Ron, you continue to inspire us, tempt us with your wonderful

recipes, cause us to chuckle at your jokes, support all of us in remarkable ways. 


We hope you enjoyed your special day and we look for many more as we continue

our journey……Walking Together in Spirit in Chapter 5!