Our cyber Native American Camp Fire has several pets.  Our newest one is Wash!  Wash’s new owner is Melissa McCollum of Tangible Daydreams on Etsy.   While Melissa has been a member of our Camp Fire Community a little longer than Wash, she is relatively new to our Gathering. 

Melissa says, “This is ‘Wash’, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I rescued yesterday. He’s currently lying at my feet, and I don’t think he’s let me out of his sight all day.”



Wash is a lucky dog!  He has found a new home with a wonderful artist!  If you are not familiar with Melissa’s work, here is a selected example of one her handwoven shawls:

Midnight Solace - handwoven triloom shawl

Melisa also makes jewelry, socks, and other remarkable items.  To view more of her work,
please go to: