Native Style Coyote Totem Magnesite And Jasper Necklace

Wake Up The People

–Vernon Cooper, LUMBEE

Black Elk, a Sioux, talks about the hoop of many hoops. He says that above the people is a hoop, a conscience, the total belief of the people. If the hoop is sick, meaning dysfunctional, co-dependent, a lot of alcoholism, family abuse, violence, racism and sexual abuse, the people can get used to this and think this is normal. In other words, the people are asleep. If we have left the spiritual way of life, the people are asleep. If we are giving our power to another entity, the people are asleep. In most tribes, there are Coyote Clans. The job of the Coyote Clan people is to wake the people up. They need to become a nuisance and irritate the people. We must return to the spiritual walk

Oh Great Spirit, keep me awake today. Let me hear the voices of our ancestors…let me hear the voices of the Grandfathers. Because everybody is doing it doesn’t make things right. Let me hear the truth today and become a coyote for the people. Give me the courage to be willing to be different. Let me walk straight on the Red Road.

The illustration for this post is a coyote totem necklace made by Wolf Moon Traders.  The centerpiece focal is an awesome representation of a San Ildefonso bowl with a red jasper coyote fetish, 3 feathers, and a jasper chip bead.

Wolf Moon Traders is a frequent contributor to our thread.  She relates that she opened her Etsy store to offer Native American style arts and crafts . She says, “Although I am part Onondaga I am not card carrying so we will say “style”.  I was taken under wing in my 30’s by an Abenaki clan mother and medicine woman I came to discover myself. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer you.   Each item is made with good energy intentions. When I create there is a lot of spirit involved as I ask for guidance with each piece.”

To see more of Wolf Moon Trader’s wonderful work, please go to:

You will be glad you did!