Yesterday we were forced to pick up our camp site very abruptly.  We were invaded by unwelcome forces.
But fortunately we had sent our Scout, John or Rekamepip or remoh (depending on the day), to find us a
new place in advance of our need to move.

Kicking Bear had already assigned a new name to our 4th Chapter of this marvelous thread.  Chapter 4 is
Aisvi Uwoyeni Hawinaditlv Uwoyeni.  This is Tsalagi (Cherokee) for Walking Hand in Hand.

So the campfire pets were quickly rounded up.  Signals were sent to most of our di gusdi to alert them to
our move.  Our journey ended at the site pictured above. 

John, thank you for the site.  Kicking Bear, thank you for the name and the blessing of our new site.

We celebrated our re-location with a wonderful story last night told to us by Jan of Heart Works.  To read the
story, just scroll down.

Our thread was started to promote Native American and Native American Inspired work.  We are blessed
to have many regular posters who have become our family.  We love and respect one another.  We are
learning a little Tsalagi (the official second language for the thread).  We are international.  We laugh and
we cry.  We buy and we sell.  We cook and do we ever eat!   

When I started the thread last November, I prayed that I could generate enough interest to have it
run for the entire month.  I never dreamed that it would thrive and still be fresh and alive in July!  This is
a testament to all of you who regularly participate and it brings me great joy. 

So let us enjoy our Walking Hand In Hand around this new site and make it even better (if possible)
than Chapters 1-3!

Go in Peace, Balance, and Harmony…… where is that bacon Candy?