Yesterday I had the privilege of touring “All Native Systems”.  This is the Bellevue, Nebraska offices of the Winnebago Ho-Chunk tribe.  This is a very enterprising tribe with businesses and contracts for services all over the world.  Lee Anne Pretends Eagle is their contract specialist and this is the screen saver on her computer.  It cracked me up and I thought you would enjoy viewing it as well. 

The entrance to their office features this wonderful Star Quilt. 

It was made by one of the tribal members.  The patriotic theme is especially important as they have many military contracts.  Bellevue is the home of Offut Air Force Base.   As strange as it may sound, one of their contracts is in Iraq.  They train military personnel there on how to deal with the Iraqi civilians.   They also train people in Mexico to do DNA testing and are involved in many other economic impacting projects.   This tribe, while it owns a casino, Winnevegas in Sloan, Nebraska, does not rely on it as it’s only source of income. 

In addition to their hard work, enterprising attitudes, they can lay claim to NY Yankees pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, as well. 
Joba Chamberlain

Joba is my good friend Lu’s cousin.   While Joba grew up in Lincoln, NE, many of his relatives still live on the Winnebago Reservation in Winnebago, NE.

This photograph was taken yesterday during my tour.  You can see both Lu and I sporting one of Kicking Bear’s selu necklaces.  Ours are done in the colors of the Cherokee Medicine Wheel.  Lu is currently undergoing chemo.  Her hat says, Wish You Were Hair.  Lee Anne Pretends Eagle is on the far right and is wearing one of my necklaces and earrings that she purchased at the Taste of Omaha. 
So, while Custer may not have the right beat, the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska keeps perfect time to the rhythm of today’s music for their people.  It is my pleasure to know, love and respect these enterprising people!