Takoda   Hi, my name is Takoda and I’m the reason my Daddy, 1 Egg Man,  is selling those eggs on Etsy.  I am a proud Doberman but I wasn’t always like I am now. You see, for the first couple of years of my life I was a stud dog in a Puppy Mill and my only job, along with four other Dobermans, was to father puppies, so the people who owned us could make money. They didn’t care about us and we were kept in cages that we could barely turn around in, weren’t fed much, never saw a Vet and had no interaction with people. Then they decided we were no longer of any use and they were going to turn us over to a Kill Shelter.   A nice lady at a Rescue Group heard about that and told them she would take us all. We all were skinny and sick, with internal parasites and heart worms, but she took us to the Vet, had us treated for our parasites and heart worms and we were put up for adoption. My Dobie friends were adopted but it seems I had a problem- Sometime in that hellish existence I went blind. (Maybe it was from the time we had an ice storm and since we were kept outside, I ended up frozen to my cage but it was most likely caused by severe head trauma) and it seemed like we doggies were good for leading people around but nobody wanted to have to lead me.   That was until my new mommy and daddy heard about me and saw my story on line. They had to send their Dobie on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge last August and, since they love us Furbabies, they decided to give me a Home. I really want it to be my Furever Home but it seems I have another problem. I have a rare form of diabetes, Diabetes Insipidus, and I need to take medicine every day. That medicine is real expensive and, since my new mommy and daddy want to keep me, all the money from the sale of these dog, and kitty, portraits is going in a fund for my medicine.   My daddy, as I said, he’s the one who carves these eggs, is setting this store with lots of eggs with doggies and kitties on them and other hand carved scenes so please visit his store and see  if there is something you might like. If you don’t see your furbaby here, please ask him if he has it or can do it for you. I know he will try since he really loves me and I love him.   Takoda has been one of our Campfire Pets for a long time and we all love him if only from afar.   We wish Takoda and Ron, his Daddy our best as both are facing health issues.  Here is a sample of Ron’s work:  


You can see more of Ron’s work at:

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