Since several of you remained concerned about the handling of the bones in the Etsy listing, I followed up with the seller.  I convo’d him/her to determine how the bones were handled since the item description was revised to say that they were returned to the earth.  Here are my convos:

Convo 1
I appreciate your response to my convo and I have shared it with those who were upset.

However, there is still great concern. To have them posted today and to now say they have been properly returned is a bit of a stretch. I think you should know that several individuals are thinking that this should be reported to the Federal authorities.
Perhaps this can be averted by your explaining to whom and how the bones were returned.

Joni Stinson

Convo 2
I just received this link and thought you might like to read it:

Joni Stinson

Here you will find two subsequent convos that I received from the seller.
Convo 1:
Just a quick note…we are a FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED MUSEUM. We incorporated in New Mexico and moved to Oregon for the space needed for the International Toy Fox Terrier Historical Society. We are registered with the Oregon Dept. of Justice. Museums can sell collections that are inappropriate to their purpose. It has cost a great deal of money to keep the collection together, transport it and store it. The collection belongs to the ITFTHS.

ITFTHS maintains a small museum, educates dog owners, rehabilitates dogs, trains owners and their dogs, provides emergency veterinary services for small indigent dogs and does breed specific rescue. And on those rare occasions when funds are available, sends money to help animals in U.S. disaster areas.

Convo 2:
The small bones were blessed with white corn meal and pinyon pollen, given turquoise gifts and six different colors of corn. They were wrapped in white buckskin and shipped to a friend in New Mexico, this afternoon, who will place them as close as possible to the site indicated in the map book. The individual who will attend to this is Dine-Zuni.
The small one has been treated repectfully since found among the many items in boxes and bags that were in storage. I was not aware the bones were in the collection until a few weks ago.
The photograph was not intended for release and the aide who changed the photos extends sincere apologies.
The guardian for this journey is a grandfather cougar who is returning home after more then 20 years. He was given to me during Shalako for protection and returns home now with honors and to watch over a new great-grandson.  The small one is well protected.
I am glad that I did the follow up on this matter and hope that everyone will feel better having received this additional information.