This morning there was quite a stir around our campfire!  An Etsy seller listed some Native American Artifacts including bones for sale.  As you would surely understand, we were all extremely upset.
I sent the seller this convo:
I just thought you should know that this listing has created a terrible stir in the Etsy Native American community. To participate in the selling of the bones of our ancients is deplorable. It may be acceptable in terms of legality, but I would think that anyone can see that it is morally reprehensible.

I doubt you would enjoy having your grandmother’s bones for sale here. I do hope that you will reconsider wanting to be associated with the sale of our ancestors’ bones.

Joni Stinson, Creek-Cherokee

The seller has responded.  Here is the response:
Thank you for that insight. The bones will be interred with proper ritual in accordance with the traditions of the region from which they came. They were part of the collection which I have listed on behalf of the ITFTHS and was not aware of their presence until the photos were taken..

My personal beliefs are eclectic and cremation is my personal choice… to return to the earth those elements which will nurture it.

However, I hope that returning the bones to the earth will satisfy the First Nation People of the Etsy community and you will express my apologies to them.


Subsequently, I received a convo from Kicking Bear.   He said, “I will be holding a special ceremony for the
remains during the new moon ceremony (friday night) and symbolically intern them with respect.
I did not want to jeopardize our thread as this would be “calling out”.  Please remember that we can use this blog to express things that are not allowed on Etsy.  I would be absolutely sick if our forum thread got closed by Etsy for Calling Out.  Should you see something you would like to make our members aware of, just convo me and I will put it on the blog.