One does not need to be Native American to appreciate and enjoy the influences of our culture.  This is well demonstrated by one of newest “faces” around our community campfire.  Mysticmern joined us for the first time yesterday and has already done a wonderful treasury featuring two of our di gusdi (cousins in Cherokee).   You can see the work of our beloved wise man, Kicking Bear and our talented Sirocco in this beautifully curated collection.

Mysticmern lives in Millicent, Australia.  Participation on our forum thread is a bit of a handicap due to the difference in our time zones.  We hope that will not stop Mysticmern from joining in on our fun.   Mysticmern also has “talent with a T” as can be seen in this wonderful wolf drawing.
Wolf cub- print

To see more of Mysticmern’s work, click on this link:

Mysticmern, Wado (Thank you in Cherokee) for joining us and for doing this wonderful treasury.