Often on our Native American Thread, tall tales are told while our community listens intently and our camp fire pets roam the perimeter of our circle.  It seems fitting to combine the portrait of one of our very special pets, Obelisk, with 1 Egg Man’s most recent tale about Old Bruce. 
Obelisk…AKA The Tormentor

Now for the Tall Tale………………..

Old Bruce, A Clever Rooster

Farmer John and his wife had a large chicken ranch, with about 800 hens and 8 roosters, It was the roosters jobs to make sure all the hens were taken care of and Farmer John kept an eye on all of their performances. If they didn’t perform, they were headed for their soup pot, but one rooster, Old Bruce, always went about his job in the best manner possible.

Farmer John was a very efficient farmer and was always looking for ways to do better and maybe make things easier for he and his wife. Keeping watch over the roosters, and how each performed, took up a lot of time so he came upon a way to make it easier. He got bells, each with a different tone, and tied it around the neck of each rooster. Now he could listen, and tell by the tones, which roosters were working the hardest and chasing the hens around the barnyard, When the tone stopped, he knew another hen was taken care of.

One day, Farmer John walked out by the barnyard, listening to the sound of the bells from his rooster. Suddenly he realized that he didn’t hear anything from Old Bruce. He watched as the other roosters would try to sneak up on a hen, their bell would jingle and the hen took of with the rooster in hot pursuit. But where was Old Bruce.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he spies Old Bruce, sneaking up behind an unsuspecting hen with his bell clamped tightly between his beak, so it couldn’t jingle. In a flash, the hen was taken care of and Old Bruce goes sneaking up on another, bell still clamped tight. No chasing and Old Bruce was having a field day.

Farmer John was amazed by the cleverness of Old Bruce and tells a few friends who stop by to watch this strange and clever sight. Soon the whole town knows about Old Bruce and shortly after his story is world wide. Old Bruce soon became something of a celebrity and his fame spread throughout the world. Everyone knew his story and he was famous. How famous?

Old Bruce was so famous that he was honored with two of the biggest, most prestigious awards in the world. He was given the No Bell Piece Prize and the Pullets Surprise, both in the same year. He ended up becoming a Politician since he knew how to be sneaky and do the same to the folks who voted for him as he did to those hens. Simply put, be careful who you vote for next election.

Contributed by 1 Egg Man..Ron

Editors Note:  Obelisk is one of many pets owned by Howling Caterpillars and Akiwisilkie, a regular in our community.  Two names, one owner.  She owns two stores on Etsy. She lives in Weymouth, MA.  She says, “In addition to Obelisk the Tormentor, we have a Black and White Leghorn, and 2 tanks of fish: a community tank with a Pleco named Pharaoh, a Skunk Botia named Stinky, and 1 Zebra Danio. It also now has 3 Goldfish: a White Oranda, a Celestial and a Bubble Eye. The last tank I’m the foster mom for. It has swords, a cory, a pleco, tetras and a frog” .  Here are examples of Howling Caterpillar’s  and A Kiwisilkie’s work:
Rooster Charm
Akiwisilkie Piece

Ivy and Vines
Howling Caterpillar Piece