Since the very beginning of our Native American Thread, Kicking Bear has been a regular contributor.  He has amused us with his humor, enlightened us with Tsalagi words and ways, mentored us and provided  us with spiritual guidance when we need it.   

Did I say that he has amused us?  Well, the name he has given to his gitli (dog) is only one of many examples.  Pees On Grass is truly an original name and probably won’t be found in books designed to aid in naming one’s pet.  But, don’t you agree that it should be?  What could be more descriptive of a gitli?

Pees On Grass has long been a member of our Camp Fire Community.   We have enjoyed hearing stories about Pees On Grass and now we get to see her up close and personal.    When I inquired as to whether Pees On Grass was male or female, Kicking Bear responded, “Only a female could be that cute”.   I think you will readily agree that Pees On Grass is cute!

So, meet Pees On Grass:
Editors Note:  In addition to being Pees On Grass’s proud owner, Kicking Bear has two stores on Etsy.  One of his stores can be visited at   The other can be visited at    Here is an example of items from each of his stores.
BlueWinged Teal
From Coastal Artist

From Kicking Bear
Tsalagi Aquelusdi Hawinianuwo (Cherokee Ribbon Shirt)