What would a Native American camp fire be if it didn’t have a few animals roaming about the perimeter? Our “cyber-camp fire” is no different. Native Americans have a close connection to all animals. Some we merely respect and honor from afar. Others we take into our communities/homes and give them names.

On our Native American thread, we have gotten to know and learned to love the pets of several of our regular contributors. This week, For The Brand, had a stray dog appear at her home. At first she was at a loss as to what to do with it as she already had a large pet population. She asked for advice but I know she had already made up her mind to do what was right by the pitiful animal.
Having decided to keep it, she appealed to the community for a name. The name chosen is Tsalagi (Cherokee). Tsalagi has now been to the vet and appropriate tests are being done. It looks like Tsalagi will become the brother of Patches…another of For The Brand’s animals.







We wish For The Brand and Patches the best for having welcomed Tsalagi into their home. Tsalagi is a lucky dog!


Editor’s Addendum: For The Brand makes and sells gorgeous jewelry.

Sarita - Nacozari Turquoise NecklaceHere is one example. For The Brand Ranch is in Le Mesa, NM. She says, “I’m a southwestern girl. Turquoise, Coral and Sterling Silver are in my blood as are other gemstones (like Moonstone and Lapis). No matter how hard I try to get away from that look, I keep going back to it. To see more of her wonderful work, go to www.forthebrand.etsy.com