Hand Carved Emu Egg – Mountain Lion

Can’t You Do Better
1  Egg Man (Ron)

I was doing a big show, about 350 Artists and Fine Crafters, in Chantilly, VA some years back and it was always one of my best shows, with a lot of steady customers. This is a three day show, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and this happened on Sunday afternoon.

I had three or four customers in my booth, I’m boxing an egg for a steady customer, when this well dressed couple walk up and stop just outside my booth. I’m at my wrapping station, sort of facing them, chatting with the woman who I’m boxing the egg for. The woman at the entrance to the booth looks at the eggs and asks, more like shouts, ” How much are those two eggs?” I glance up and tell her ” I’ll be with you in a minute Mam.”

Her reply is ” Damn, I only asked the price of those two eggs.” I asked her what two, she points them out and I tell her $75.00. All I hear, and probably everybody else in the building ( this is a huge building too ), ” Seventy-Five dollars for two damn egg shells, Can’t you do any better then that?” Now I’m getting a little hot under the collar, my shirt didn’t even have a collar so you know that was real hot, I just look up and tell her, “Yes Mam, $100.00.” All I hear is, “One hundred dollars, that’s better?”

I tell her, ” Yes Mam, it’s better for me.” “If the price isn’t right, please turn around and leave.” Her reply, ” As soon as you get done there, I want those two eggs.”

I look right at her and tell her, ” They’re $100.00.” To which she screams, ” You said $75.00.”

I tell her ” No Mam, You told me to do better and I did. If you want them, it’s $100.00, if not, Please get away from my booth.”

All I, and everyone else, hears is, ” If you think I’m paying $100.00 for those two damn eggs, you’re crazy.” Off she goes, along with her husbamd, who has been standing there, all this time, with his head down and eyes staring at the floor. Woman I’m boxing the egg for tells me ” Good for you Ron.” and I figure that’s the end of that.

About 10 minutes later, up walks her husband and he asks me, ” Sir, How much would those two eggs be for me?” I tell him $75.00 and he says he’ll take them. I box up the eggs and he pulls out his wallet and starts counting out the money. It goes something like this: ” Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, one hundred – Is there tax on that?” I tell him it’s $75.00, plus tax and he has enough there. He looks at me and says ” No, it’s one-hundred. It’s worth it to see someone put that Witch ( he might have said something else ) in her place.”

He laid another $10.00 down and walked away. 

Way to go Ron! 

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